Good my morning to you all

I hope my followers are standing tall!

Not much else to report

Not so much as a retort!

Sometimes I think this blog is dead

The rest of the time I am sure, he said.

It is late and I am discouraged

I thought that I had a working Paypal button

but it had other ideas.

It took over my search bar for my archive.

Obviously I had the code in the wrong place.

I tried several different spots.  The same everywhere that tried it.

Too bad.

I asked for help in placing it or fixing it.


Now it is late.  Signing off.

Well, I have come back to my blog

You may wonder at the fog

That conceals it from your sight

But that is what happens, day or night.

Critter Time has come again

And threatens me with some pain

If I do not the chickens feed

And attend to walkie need.

Kind of disappointed with this morning’s walk

It caused no reaction, no sort of talk.

I put the pictures in my morning rhyme

And got but a single like at this time.


Recruiting the Rom:

an RP


De Writer and Sweet Ponies Rock

© 2014 by De Writer and Sweet Ponies Rock

xxxx words

Writing begun 04/16/14

Sweet Ponies Rock:

As Saydie and Rodrick entered another new world, Saydie ducked immediately. Her coyote…

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Recruiting the Rom: an RP with Sweet Ponies Rock

Recruiting the Rom:

an RP


De Writer and Sweet Ponies Rock

© 2014 by De Writer and Sweet Ponies Rock

xxxx words

Writing begun 04/16/14

Sweet Ponies Rock:

As Saydie and Rodrick entered another new world, Saydie ducked immediately. Her coyote companion followed suit, turning to slowly ‘stitch’ the rift they had created closed. Saydie, a wolf jackal hybrid, peered through the foliage, staring at an equine. She drew her bow silently, nocking an arrow. 

Rodrick, following Saydie’s gaze, looked harder. He set a paw on her arm, signing for her to stop. The coyote took out his slingshot and aimed, loosing a stone to land behind the unsuspecting target. He was hoping to startle it into running.

"Saydie, something ain’t right bou’ it," Rodrick murmured.

"I don’t care, I haven’t eaten in two days, I’m starving, Rodrick," the wackal hissed. Her blue eyes flashed as she nocked her arrow to shoot her prey, but finding none. The stone had driven it away. 

De Writer:

A calm voice behind them said, “Saydie, is it? You are very fortunate in having Rodrick for a companion. If you had even come close to harming my daughter, Black Lotus, while she was grazing, I would have killed you both immediately.

“I popped up here to see what caused that rift. (Nice job with closing it, by the way.) Hunger is no excuse for the murder of intelligent beings. We can steer you to proper game, or you can try some of our food besides the grass, which, I gather, you do not eat.”

They turned while he was speaking and saw an old brown anthropomorphic donkey, going gray around the muzzle, in his mane, and tail tuft too. He was dressed in a finely tooled leather harness and sashes of brightly embroidered and dyed fabrics.

A flutter of wings announced the arrival of another. She was dressed like the donkey except that it was modified to allow full play to her wings. She was a jet black filly, apparently a pony with wings. She had a pure white mane and tale. She landed expertly, hooves finding a solid purchase on a branch above them, and asked eagerly, “Are you going to kill them, Grandpa? Can I help?”

The old donkey gave a half smile and replied, “No, Dark, I am not going to kill them unless they try to misbehave. They almost made a fatal mistake once already.”

With a bit of a smile, the old blue eyed donkey turned back to them. “Introductions are in order. I am known among the Rom as Marchhare. My Granddaughter, up there, is named Dark. She is the daughter of this world’s Alicorn Goddess of Murder. I did get your names already. Come down to our encampment. Perhaps we have some kind of food that you can eat. If not, I can guide you to a warren of rabbits that are not intelligent.”

Sweet Ponies Rock:

Saydie had whirled the second she heard the voice, teeth bared. She listened intently, not lowering her bow until he mentioned the game. She replaced her arrow into her quiver, and put her bow over her head.

"How was we to know she was an intelligent bein’?" Rodrick asked, hooking his slingshot to his belt. "We don’ even know where we are. Horses is food where we’re from, sorry." The coyote spoke before Saydie, not wanting her mouth to cause trouble. 

"How do you know what we did?" Saydie squinted, questioning his mention of the rift. "What do you know of rifting?" Her hackles were slightly raised as she questioned the donkey. Rodrick elbowed her.

The coyote cleared his throat as he stepped forward. “It’s a pleasure to be meetin’ you, March’are.” Saydie snorted, gaining a growl from Rodrick.

"We’d appreciate your help. We won’t cause no trouble. You’ll have to forgive my charge, she gets grouchtooth when hungry," he bowed. The coyote was embarrassed by his companion and charge. She had thrown away all pretense of royalty when she had been banished, it seemed.

De Writer:

The old donkey nodded acceptance of the excuse and then pointed out, “Rodrick, you saw that something was off. Clothing often indicates that the wearer is at least not food. Around this world that is not an infallible indicator.”

He gestured to where the rift had been and the magical residue of its presence glowed blue. “Rifts are REALLY obvious when they happen. Lots of bad things try to use them to gain access to this world. Some good things do too. It is sort of my job to spot the rifts and see if what is coming through needs to be sent back, wiped out, or welcomed. I do other things too.”

Before Saydie could say something sarcastic, the little pegasus pony Dark fluttered down and said proudly, “Sometimes Grandpa lets me help! He says that learning both restraint and ruthlessness together is needed for what I am.”

The old donkey gestured for them to follow and set off at a walk, down the hill to the meadow. As they got closer, Saydie and Rodrick saw several large enclosed wagons in a circle about a fire.

There was music being played and several of the unicorns in the camp were dancing.


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Among the Rom:

an RP


Ask-De-Writer and Whispersisters

© 2014 by Ask-De-Writer and thewhispersisters

xxxx words

Writing begun 04/12/14

The Whisper Sisters:

Wind knocks on De Writer’s door. “Father? Are you home?”

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Thank you for that excellent suggestion, SQUIGLY PONY

I am nowhere near done with the Sunlord.  Green eyes it is!  It will fit perfectly with his personality, too!

Fortress Canterlot! An MLP Fan Fiction (progress post 6) WORK IN PROGRESS

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This is a work in progress. New work or changes to older parts are shown in boldface type. As is my custom with works in progress, I will save your Likes and comments for a master Reader Appreciation Post when the story is complete. I may also respond to comments as the story progresses.


Fortress Canterlot!


De Writer

(Glen Ten-Eyck)

© 2014 by Glen Ten-Eyck

1860 words (count lists only what is presently written, not the whole tale)

Writing begun 03/29/14

All rights reserved. This document may not be copied or distributed on or to any medium or placed in any mass storage system except by the express written consent of the author.


Copyright fair use rules for Tumblr users

Users of are specifically granted the following rights. They may reblog the story. They may use the characters or original characters in my settings for fan fiction, fan art works, cosplay, or fan musical compositions, provided that such things are done without charge. I will allow those who do commission art works to charge for their images provided that I receive a copy of each image for my archive. I will further allow the use of printed copies for educational use in school classes. No charge of any kind may be made for this use, whether paper, ink, binding, packaging, distribution or any other charge whatsoever.


Prologue: This tale takes place about 3000 years in the past of the modern MLP canon. During this time, Celestia and Luna are still fillies, though close to grown physically. The events here recorded are the foundation of the modern legends of a time when unicorns regulated the heavens.


For more background information on the canon of this tale, please read:

De Writer and the Orb of the Ages

From Darkness to Dawn

De Writer’s Tale (a narrative poem)

The Coming of Tam O’Canter and Heather Bloom O’Red Hoof to Ponyville

Hearthwarming Eve / Starvation’s Night

De Writer canon (part 1)

De Writer canon (part 2)



“Shove off! Your kind ain’t wanted here!” Snapped a burly unicorn. The others at his back where whickering assent. “Not wanted. We got the locals paying us and you ain’t horning in on our game!”

Celestia looked at the pale green unicorn as if he were an ugly but interesting bug. “OUR KIND? What kind is that, exactly? We are trying to leave. You told us to halt. Make up your mind, if you have one.”

Luna ignored them entirely. She partly raised her right wing and scratched with a hind hoof at her wing root.

The old white bearded blue unicorn with them raised a lip on the left side and spat expressively on the ground between the two groups.

He chuckled mirthlessly and it seemed like he flickered in place several times. Giving the pale green leader of the group a sideways look, he said quietly, “You can quit trying to delay us until your ponies are in position, SUNLORD. Your assassins are unavoidably delayed.”

His horn glowed briefly and a small pile of weapons and camouflage cloaks floated out of the woods to their right and landed in front of the group’s leader. The knives snapped down into the ground point first, driven into the earth all the way to the crossgards. The crossgards were so close to his hooves that the metal of them clicked against the Sunlord’s solid hooves.

Celestia turned her head to look at the blue unicorn and said, “Well done, father. Did you have to hurt them?”

Luna stopped her scratching to say, “Knowing father, no. They are not injured.” She bared her teeth in a grin and added, “Embarrassed, yes. Probably very embarrassed.”

Striking an obviously fake innocent pose, De Writer said, “Who, me? Why would I want to embarrass somepony? Surely the simple fact that they were trying to murder us where we stand is no provocation for such an extreme measure!”

Then he stopped pretending. In a stern voice he demanded, “Sunlord, or whatever you want to call yourself, YOU get out of our way or I shall have to get unpleasant.”

He started forward with such assurance that the green unicorn backed up a few steps. Realizing what it must look like to his followers, he stopped and tossed his head impressively as he prepared a huge aura of green magic about his horn. Releasing the blast, they all watched horror-struck as it enveloped the old blue unicorn. The very ground where he had been standing smoked from the force of it. There was no visible trace of his target left.

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